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the Moroccan culinary Argan Oil Is One Of The Most Beautiful Natural Products Used In Cosmetics, And It Is An Expensive Oil; Due To The Difficulty Of Extracting It, In Addition To The Wonderful Healthy Substances, It Contains, Including Vitamin E.

Argan Oil Benefits

  • Argan Oil Is One Of The Oils Used Extensively In The Black East, To Moisturize The Skin, In Addition To Healthy Shiny Black Hair, So This Oil Is One Of The Secrets Of Beauty In The Middle East, And Its Most Important Properties:
  • the Moroccan Argan Oil Is An Oil Extracted From The Seeds Of The Argan Tree, Which Grows Only On The Moroccan Mainland.
  • Moroccan Oil Is Often Called Liquid Gold Due To Its Skin-Moisturizing Properties, Which Have Been Known Since Prehistoric Times.
  • This Oil Is Rich In Vitamin A And Vitamin E As Well As Argan Oil Which Also Contains Antioxidants, Omega-6 Fatty Acids, And Linoleic Acid.
  • When Applied To The Skin, The Tocopherol In Vitamin E Helps Increase Cell Production To Promote Healthy Skin And Hair.
  • This Is Why Many Cosmetic Companies Use Argan Oil As A Raw Material For The Highest Quality Anti-Aging, Hair Care, And Skin Care Products.
  • While Too Much Oil Usually Leaves A Sticky, Difficult To Absorb, Oily Residue, And Clogs Pores, This Is Not The Case With Argan Oil.
  • Skin Moisturizing.
  • Get Rid Of Acne.
  • Eliminates Fine Lines And Wrinkles.
  • Prevents Skin Damage From The Sun.
  • Strengthening Nails.
  • Hair Care.
  • Lip Balm.


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